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"To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.”
-Leonard Bernstein


I am here to make your big moment exceptional.

Specialising in full event production consultation,
Paul Boschi Events collaborates with the leading industry designers, managers, and vendors to craft exceptional events perfectly tailored for your press or product launch, gala, pop up event, virtual event or commemoration.
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Paul Boschi has worked in the events industry for over 25 years, producing events featuring some of the biggest names in music, art, film, fashion, and corporate branding. He brings international experience from event marketing, the recording industry, and the concert world to each event produced. Experience, humour and boundless curiousity brings a balanced perspective of how all the components of an event need to come together, to create a seamless and memorable experience.

Some of the artists and brands Paul has worked with include: American Express, Aperture Foundation, Armani, Bruce Weber, Cointreau, Clinique, Bette Midler, Katy Perry, Literacy Partners, Nile Rodgers, Polkadot, Riot Games, Snapchat, Sting, The United Nations, and Universal Music. He has worked on landmark events such as Woodstock '99 (Director of Special Projects), the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City (Headline Stage Talent), the country India's 50th Anniversary of Independence at the U.N. and has produced events all over the world, from Times Square to Hollywood and Vine, Berlin, Milan, Mexico City and more.

Paul's career began in the music business as a music journalist and editor, which led to an A&R talent scout job at Island, and later Epic Records. He eventually landed back at Island Records producing the label's iconic tour "Africa Fête." This ignited a love of the events world. Since then Paul has worked at the production company Event Resources, and as Director Of Events for MKTG, before opening his own event consulting company in 2011. Now based in Berlin, Germany, he also works as a liaison between US and UK based agencies or production companies doing work in Germany and elsewhere in the EU.

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What can I do for you?

Offering individually tailored services, to deliver on time and on budget events around the world.

Production Services:

  • Event/Project Scope
  • Budget/Concept/Theme
  • Venue Feasibility
  • Talent booking
  • Staff Training
  • Permits/Safety Plan
  • Stage Management
  • Contracting and Management of Vendors
  • Overall Event Flow
  • Wrap up analytics and recaps

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