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We love visiting Sardegna. The beaches are some of the most beautiful I've seen, rivalled only by Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos. The food in Sardegna is also a marvel, and in many cases unlike what else you'll find elsewhere in Italy. From Bottarga, Pane carasau to Spaghetti ai Ricci, you'll also want to give the lovely Sardinians the courtesy to try their Pizza , a must in every Italian region.

The Costa Smeralda is the most popular area, and you're likely to run into any number of football stars, pop singers or celebrities there.

The centre parts of the island are pure country and farming, there's really not much unless you're on a coastline.

The small town of Oristano is a great place if you are really looking to disconnect. Located on the west coast of the island, key sites are The Tower of St. Christophoros, and the beaches Putzu Idu and, further north, s’Archittu .

My favorite for an early dinner and sundowner is: Ristorante Pizzeria Bar Del Capitano (Strada Statale 292 Nord Occidentale Sarda, 19, 09073 S'Archittu OR, Italy). Nestled at the top of the cliffs, you'll watch an incredible sunset while nursing your Aperol Spritz.

Incredible Agritourismos abound. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture. Agritourismos got their start in the 1950s as small farms started facing financial struggles. Opening the farm as a vacation destination was a great solution. Some will offer room and board in exchange for working on the farm, and others operate more like a bed and breakfast. One of our favorites is called Sa Mamaioa (Sa Mamaioa Sp11 loc Bagarrus 1, 09070 Narbolia, Sardinia Italy), and you can book rooms at this amazing family run working farm. Their nightly dinner is a great value.

If you visit Oristano off-peak, on Carnival Sunday and Mardi Gras, they have a large equestrian tournament.

We drive from Germany through Switzerland, and stop in Milano, Cernobbio, or Firenze for a night or two. If you're visiting Italy for a period of time and you're from outside the EU, I would recommend renting a car and driving. Italy boasts the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. You'll want to take the time to discover some of them..

Getting to Sardegna from Italy or France is easy with ferry services:

Here are two articles I recommend if you are planning a visit.


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