A few designers I like

If you’ve ever traveled with me, you know one of my favorite pastimes is to find cool clothing by designers that don’t mass market.

Since moving to Germany, and traveling throughout Europe more frequently, there’s a few streetwear designers I have become fond of.

Here are three labels from Amsterdam, Munich and London that are go-to's for me these days.

The Amsterdam based Once we were Warriors label is a favorite. Loosely based on the Japanese Samurai Bushido, or code of honor, the label stands out by their cool logo and excellent tailoring. I find their items really durable and make for great getting around town pieces.

Munich based Distorted People is a great streetwear label. Again, really well tailored and durable, hip and comfortable. They are now doing work out gear too, but I'm partial to their t shirts, utility shirts and jackets. Their logo of a razor blade and butcher's cleaver as crossed blades I find really cool. I have a few pieces, and they remind me a bit of NICE Collective another designer I really like.

I got turned onto HYMN a few years ago visiting London before we moved to Germany and made a point to visit their shop in Shoreditch Boxpark every visit. That location has closed, but you can find their items at House of Fraser, or More Joy in Hackney. Sorry ladies, unlike Distorted People and Once We Were Warriors, HYMN only makes menswear, but don’t let that stop you! Founded in London during the Summer of 2013, you can follow them on instagram @hymnlondon or their site:

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