Incredible technology for cyclists

A few years ago when I was consulting at the agency R/GA ,one of the projects I produced for them was a pitch event for their first Accelerator Program. A group of incredible South Africans who started the company were one of the groups seeking VC at the events I produced in New York and Austin's SXSW. Their passion and energy were infectious to everyone who met them.

Although I'm not particularly a cyclist, I have a lot of friends who are, and I think what they are doing for that community is incredible.

Their founder, Piet Morgan (follow him on https://www.strava.com/athletes/714824) came up with the idea for his company while cycling across the US. He wanted to meet the challenge of navigating on a bike, and he dedicated himself to a solution through the power of software.

Piet graduated from Yale University, where he was a cyclist and member of the Yale Crew.

I am pleased to see their Karoo 2 is one of the most anticipated bicycle software releases this year. What sets their device apart from others is they work with bicyclists around the world to constantly improve. “Snappy” re-routing and intuitive mapping take the stress out of changes to route in unfamiliar terrain.

I enjoyed this article on the Hammerhead site with Sam Wood, the lead guide from Bike Odyssey—who create amazing bike tours around the world. https://www.hammerhead.io/blog...

Hammerhead are taking pre-orders now and whether you are an urban bicyclist or someone who treks

I like this company because it’s a perfect example of passionate members of a community making technology work for their passion, and it’s created a fantastic community for cycling enthusiasts of all levels.

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